Welcome to TriNorth Consulting Inc.

Through strategic alliance with three world leading organizations, TriNorth Consulting provides programs and services designed to:

   • maximize corporate profit, performance and cost containment; and
   • enhance employee selection and retention practices.

With over 35 years experience and success in corporate, franchise, and entrepreneurial ventures, TriNorth Consulting is well positioned to assist with a wide variety of business issues.

Negotiation Excellence
Employee Retention/Engagement/Leadership

RED BEAR NEGOTIATING CO. provides solutions for margin improvement, price leadership and cost containment, accomplished through the delivery of world class negotiation training programs and related consulting services.

TalentKeepers®, a recognized talent management leader, provides innovative employee on-boarding tools, employee engagement surveys, unique leadership training and assessment programs, teambuilding tools, and much more. TalentKeepers has twice won HR Executive Magazine's product of the year award.

Employee Selection/Performance Maximization

Recruitment Activities Outsourcing

The Assessment and Development Group International (ADGI) helps organizations hire/manage the "best fit" people, accomplished through utilization of ADGI’s Organizational Management System (OMS & JAX), which maximizes smart hiring, performance enhancement, job satisfaction, succession planning, and job fit decisions.

WeScreen4u conducts recruitment projects for clients who are willing and able to outsource the critical tedious activities required to accomplish “the best hire the first time,” through the utilization of any of 19 weScreen4U recruitment services.